Diesel King play aggressive & abrasive music which has been described from sludge to hardcore to death metal.
The London mob have been on various tours and have supported bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod, Entombed and many others. Playing in the UK and Europe and featuring on various high profile festival bills such as Bloodstock, their live shows are likened to being punched in the face repeatedly.
With 2 Eps under their belt the band are set unleash their debut album in 2015 “Concrete Burial” and look to continue their dominance in the UK metal scene.

"Ripe with gigantic, infectious grooves, utterly filthy amounts of low end and the kind of riffs that reduce your brain to a prehistoric state where smashing things seems like the only reasonable course of action"
- Terrorizer Magazine

"They drag their dark, and sometimes groove laden riffs behind them, holding and intensity that destroys all in their wake. If you enjoy the likes of Eyehategod, but with everything turned up to 11 and on steroids, plus the addition of a vocalist straight from the pits of hell, then this is just what you are after."
- Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Mixing Sabbath riffage with Southern sludge filth, Londoners Diesel King just dropped their debut EP on the world. Earthquake warnings have been issued."
- Metal Hammer Magazine